We develop our own tools with the latest technologies to provide our customers with the easiest and most efficient online solutions to fulfill thir insurance needs and exceed their expectations.

We're online brokers. This allows us to provide each customer with a tailor made solution from more than 22 insurance companies.


We strive to provide our customers with the best insurance experience.  More efficient, faster and cheaper, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.


A fully digitalised insurance world where the user can connect with its insurance anywhere, anytime. And we're rockin' it.


We  streamline, define, deploy and market our projects 100% online.
We improve what worked and forget what didn´t
We listen to our heart... and follow KPI´S

  • Motopoliza.com

    Our first project, Motopoliza.com was conceived as an insurance aggregator which enabled users to buy their insurance online.
  • Virtual office

    We focus on continously improving service for our customers. With our Virtual Office Apps, native online customers can ask for anything they may need regarding their insurance.
  • Autopoliza.com

    Following Motopoliza.com's success, Autopoliza.com is devoted to car users who want to quote and buy their insurance 100% online, with the best brands and prices.
  • Accident insurance for track riders

    We love hard core bikers, and Sunday track days. We were the first to conceive this kind of insurance for amateur racers.
  • Comparator on facebook

    We were the first to integrate insurance products on a 100% native Facebook App.
  • Viajepoliza.com

    Worldwide Travel insurance. Customized to your travel needs, pay by paypal or credit card, in a flash.
  • Okpoliza.com

    Our new project will blend all our different websites in one: all the different insurances in one same website.
  • Affiliate program

    We love collaborating with motor related websites. Join our program, access our exclusive tools and implement an insurance aggregator on your website with only two lines of code.


22+ Insurance companies integrated on our model. And more than 300 websites affiliated to our program. And Oil companies, biker clubs, marketing agencies...


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